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Professionals about the game

One+One“We were really privileged to be able to use Stars of Empathy in a [sameness] project we ran in Dubai called One + One. We brought mainstream school and special needs school children together in a creative and interactive initiative and Stars of Empathy was used to facilitate discussion and help the children interact in a fun but meaningful way. The kids loved the game and all were able to engage with it and each other, despite the varied level of learning abilities. We would definitely recommend the game to anyone looking for something engaging and impactful.”

the sameness project

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The nice thing about the game is that you are not stuck here on a particular method, and especially that you get in a very natural way conversations between children and how things are going. […] Because of the type of game you’re doing a play, and yet also working on issues that concern you.

Carlo Janssen, Remedial Teacher

primary school de Teugelaar-Oss, The Netherlands

“I love games which involve breaking down barriers with children by working around set themes which invite them to share and learn from each other. Stars of Empathy is such a game! Playing with a group of children where everyone is involved, in a fun environment.” 

Tischa Neve

Child Psychologist

“A nice, playful way to place yourself in someone else’s shoes and to discuss topics who usually don’t get much attention in the classroom. It’s most effective in small groups with supervision.”


Loes Ypma, House of Representatives Netherlands (PvdA)

representative primary education, special education, child protection

“Stars of Empathy is a game which allows children to experience giving compliments, discuss bullying, or identifying subjects where one can help or assist another, all in a playful manner. It is not always easy for people, children and adults, to address these issues in a spontaneous way. This board game is therefore an ideal means for broaching important questions whilst having fun. Perhaps it should be played now and then to have the most effectiveness. There is every indication that this game brings children closer together, will principally build trust and confidence and provide information which may be essential  in encouraging teamwork.”


Paul van Lange, Professor of Psychology

VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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