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"Now I don't feel so alone anymore."

said a girl after playing Stars of Empathy.

Speaking from your heart and listening to others. Connecting with yourself and with others. That’s what Stars of Empathy helps children with.

A game in which children develop their emotional intelligence in a playful way.

“Through a fun and original game, children are encouraged to develop what they actually have within them: empathy, cooperation, trust and engagement.”

Dirk De Wachter, Psychiatrist

"When we have visitors, this is the game they want to play."

Sanne, Mother of a girl (10) and a boy (8)



"I was wowed by their openness and enthusiasm."

Tamara Bosman, Teacher and Behavioral Specialist

"I hope this game will reach many children."

Debby van Deursen, Child Coach and Emotional Intelligence Trainer




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